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We are a network of companies and specialised consultants with more than two decades of experience.


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Criamos soluções para novos contextos e assessoramos a sua implementação com o conhecimento, talento e competências adequadas, introduzindo novas capacidades operacionais para estratégias inovadoras.

Compreendendo a permanência da mudança, vemo-nos como um potenciador da criação de valor e um facilitador da evolução cultural e comportamental das organizações

Understanding the permanence of change, we see ourselves as an enhancer of value creation and a facilitator of the cultural and behavioural evolution of organisations.


We create solutions for new contexts and advise on their implementation with the appropriate knowledge, talent and skills, introducing new operational capabilities for innovative strategies.


Proximity and involvement;

Flexibility and fair price;

Transparency, ethics and sustainability;

Accountability and partnership;

Orientation towards the future and achieving results;

Initiative and determination.



Expertise. Talent. Experience

We implement strategic and operational changes, consistently and continuously, as it is essential for organisations to be able to sustain their competitive advantages.


We offer a wide range of customized consultancy and advisory services, with an innovative and effective holistic approach, ensuring the success of your projects and businesses.

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Meeting the Staff


Innovative holistic approach

We seek end-to-end solutions, focusing on the strategy, processes and dynamics of organizations.

We create and manage teams of specialists who understand and master the specific characteristics of each business and sector and enable organizations to take advantage of the opportunities and face the challenges which arise.

We privilege long-term relationships, certain that sustainable and solid results require an appropriate balance between the urgency in taking advantage of opportunities and long-term planning, which ensures the adequate maturation of organizational changes.


Business Brainstorm


Permanent monitoring

More than developing diagnoses and providing recommendations, we advise on their implementation by supporting the institutionalization of more effective management processes.

We temporarily integrate our customers' teams, in a specialized multi-sourcing model, defining and coordinating surgical and time-limited interventions, with flexible costs and risk and premium sharing.

 We are at your side to manage change and permanently assess the evolution of projects, adjusting the effort and focus of the intervention at any moment.

Shaking Hands


Further. Faster

We seek, together with you, the most appropriate financing mechanisms for your projects and business.

We understand and have extensive experience in preparing and submitting applications for Portugal 2020, with a success rate of approximately 95%.

We are at your side during the implementation of your projects, supporting, controlling and managing your physical and financial execution, guaranteeing the expected results and compliance with the defined indicators.


Specialised teams

We have highly qualified professionals, who are fully committed to precision, transparency, and service excellence, dedicated to the success of our customers and the promotion of their investment and growth.

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We establish partnerships with entities that add value to our solutions, for the benefit of our customers and leading to effective results.


BPLY - Consultaria e Assessoria de Negócios

CEP – Centro Escritórios Porto
Rua Santos Pousada, 441, DE
4000-486 Porto

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